Prepping for Fall AC Maintenance in Mid-Missouri: A Homeowner’s Guide to Better Air Conditioning

Prepping for Fall AC Maintenance in Mid-Missouri: A Homeowner’s Guide to Better Air Conditioning

With the beginning of September on our calendars, it is time to prepare our homes for a new season: fall. Before you begin decorating your home with mums and pumpkins, there are a few things that need to be addressed beforehand. Our AC units have been working hard for us all summer. It is time to give your AC some TLC with air conditioner maintenance to ensure it is in tip top shape for the fall season. This article will cover several questions you may have regarding air conditioner maintenance in Columbia, Mo for the end of the summer.

Why Is It Important to Provide AC Unit Service in Mid-Missouri At The End of Summer?

You might be wondering why your air conditioner even needs maintenance at the end of the summer if it isn’t showing any signs of a malfunction. Here are a few reasons as to why it is important to service your air conditioner between the summer and fall seasons:

Prepare for the potential “Indian Summer”

Mid-Missouri regularly has summers that seem to last well into the fall months, meaning more work for your air conditioner. After working hard all summer, your air conditioner may need some extra TLC before a potential fall heat-wave.

Prepare for the heat to return in the spring

Making sure your AC is ready for the spring months when the temperatures warm up again ensures you have guaranteed comfort indoors when the time comes. Prepping your AC unit ahead of seasonal changes is always a good rule of thumb for homeowners rather than postponing.

Prevent Breakdowns and Expensive AC Repair Bills

End of summer maintenance will check for underlying issues that may cause bigger problems in the future. By checking for any problems beforehand, you are preventing a future breakdown that is accompanied by a costly bill.

Provide Your Home With Better Air Quality

Along with all of these other benefits of having your AC unit checked, having regular check ups will improve the air quality of your residence. Checking and cleaning your air filters will promote healthier, cleaner air so you aren’t continually breathing in recycled and contaminated air.

Expand the Lifetime of Your Unit

By keeping your unit healthy and running smoothly at all times, you aren’t placing too much stress on your AC unit or causing it to work harder than necessary. Taking care of it with regular tune-ups will increase its lifespan and save you money in the long run!

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End of Summer AC Maintenance in Mid-Missouri

The following is a list of routine AC Maintenance Services in Missouri you can expect your Accurate Heating and Cooling AC technician to perform.
Replace The Air Filter
Replacing the air filter is something that should be done routinely throughout the year, not just at yearly checkups. This part of the AC unit helps filter clean air through your home. A dirty air filter can lead to health problems such as allergies and breathing problems if not properly maintained. If the filter is in fact dirty, it will cause your system to work harder and eventually cause more serious problems.
Inspect Coil Fins
Damage to this area of your AC unit can result in costly repairs. The job of a coil fin is to draw out the warm air from your home. Sometimes during this process the coils can absorb other things such as dirt and dust, causing an unwanted buildup.
Check Refrigerant
The refrigerant tubing of your AC unit helps deliver coolant to your compressor. If there is an improper amount of coolant being sent to the compressor, it can cause a malfunction. An AC specialist from Accurate will check to ensure the tubing has no leaks, the right amount of coolant is being delivered and the compressor is functioning properly.
Inspect Electrical 
Damaged or faulty electrical wiring can damage your AC. After working hard all summer, this is a very important step as a lot of electrical power has been focussed on your unit. Additionally, this is crucial to overall home safety.
Lubricate AC Components
To reduce the wear and tear on your air conditioner from running all summer, lubricating the moving parts is essential. The oil used to grease the parts reduces the friction created between the moving parts. This is just another way to prevent further damage to your AC system altogether. Especially after coming off of a long summer of hard work!

Why Choose Accurate Heating and Cooling As Your Number One Choice for Air Conditioner Maintenance in Columbia, Mo

Accurate Heating and Cooling has unmatched talent when it comes to customer service and overall customer satisfaction. As a family owned company, we know how important it is to want the best for your family home. Our talented team offers AC Unit Service in Columbia, Mo 24/7 so you know we are always there for you when you need us!

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