Beat the Midwest Heat & Save Money with Accurate!

Beat the Midwest Heat & Save Money with Accurate!


With the first days of summer upon us, it’s not going to get any cooler anytime soon. Based in Columbia and serving the rest of mid-Missouri, Accurate Heating and Cooling can help you beat the midwest heat and humidity while saving you money.  

Hand Fabrication:

In certain situations, our clients have unique design ideas or their homes have uncommon layouts requiring a customized installation plan along with handcrafted items. In these instances there is a need for a skilled technician to create a custom piece of metalwork to ensure a perfect fit in your home. At Accurate Heating & Cooling, our staff has the ability to go above and beyond the average AC company, offering unique products to increase the performance and efficiency of your air conditioning.

Custom Ducts:

In the average household, roughly one quarter of the energy moving air through the duct system is wasted due to holes, leaks and poor connections. Our high quality, hand fabricated ducts can be customized to fit your home perfectly ensuring an optimal distribution of cool air throughout your entire house saving you both energy and money. Plus, your home will stay comfortably cool as we enter the summer heat in mid-Missouri.

Custom Drain Pans:

In addition to our hand fabricated air ducts we create custom HVAC drain pans. The more you use your air conditioning, the faster your drain pan will fill up due to the increased condensation. The drain pan is an essential component to your air conditioning system making sure water doesn’t leak through the floor below which can permanently damage the structural integrity of your home. Accurate Heating and Cooling’s custom drain pans can help make sure your home is protected while running air conditioning at full strength when you need it most.

Our Vendors:

At Accurate Heating and Cooling, we are proud to offer the highest quality indoor climate control technology to mid-Missouri from two of the leading brands in the industry: Daikin and York. Both brands have a history of delivering high quality, energy efficient products to their customers. Both Daikin and York offer air conditioning products certified by Energy Star meaning they are exceptionally energy efficient without sacrificing functionality or cutting edge features.

Our experienced technicians offer 24 hour service on any form of heating and cooling equipment. We also provide free evaluations of existing equipment you may already own as well as free estimates on new systems.

If you have any questions or wish to have a free evaluation or a free estimate please call us at (573) 442-7312 or contact us online (Link:

Along with using our services and products, we have also compiled a list of 3 additional actions you can take to make sure you and your family stay cool this summer:


  • Utilize your blinds/drapes/shades


It may seem like a no brainer, but blocking the sun from your house during the daytime can save you money by reducing energy as well as significantly lowering the temperature in your house. According to Department of Energy (DOE), closing highly reflective blinds can reduce the heat by 45%.


  • Invest in an awning for your patio/deck


Everyone wants to get as much use out of their outdoor furniture and grill as possible, but in the hot summer months simply standing outside for a long period of time can cause heat exhaustion. According to the DOEan awning can reduce the heat by up to 65% on southern side of the house and 77% on the western side.


  • Switch to linen or cotton bedding


Cotton and linen are known for their superior breathability and its ability to stay cooler longer. Switching from your insulated bed sheets to either cotton or linen can help make sure you get a full night sleep without tossing and turning.

Don’t be uncomfortable in the heat, enjoy the sun with Accurate Heating and Cooling! Contact us for more information today!


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