Custom Chimney Caps to Keep Your Home Safe This Winter

Custom Chimney Caps to Keep Your Home Safe This Winter

As fall settles in, the air begins to cool and those fireside nights become more and more appealing. Before you put your chimney to work, make sure you have taken the necessary steps to keep your home safe. Accurate’s suggestion? Chimney Caps.

Chimney Caps are essential in protecting your home and stabilizing your chimney system. At Accurate Heating and Cooling, our team works to build customized chimney caps, hand-designed to fit any customer’s chimney.

Custom Chimney caps by Accurate Heating & Cooling in Columbia, Mo. Call today for an estimate!

Here are the top five ways a chimney cap can keep your home protected


1.To Keep Moisture Out

Chimney caps will deter any rainwater from making its way down your chimney. Without a cap, water can enter your chimney and damage liners or joints, which can threaten the stability of the chimney. More obviously, this rainwater can produce dangerous and foul smelling mold and mildew.

2. To Keep Critters Out

In mid-Missouri, critters are plentiful and when the cold weather comes, these animals look to find shelter in your home. In fact, according to the Missouri Department of Conversation animals such as raccoons, bats and even a species of bird called a ‘chimney sweep’ seek protection in chimneys. One of their top suggestions is for homeowners to invest in a chimney cap to avoid creatures making your home into their home.

3. To Block Downdrafts

Downdrafts compromise the effectiveness of your fireplace! Without a chimney cap, the wind can cause downdrafts blowing smoke back into your home. The tops of these chimney caps are designed to prevent any downdrafts and secure the integrity of your fireplace.

4. To Protect Against House Fires

Another term used for chimney cap is ‘Spark Arrestor’ and this is for very good reason. Chimney caps prevent any embers or sparks from making their way up the chimney, landing on the roof and igniting a fire.

5. To Keep your Chimney Clear

Any growth around your chimney can make its way into the chimney shaft. Without the protection of a chimney cap, your home’s fireplace will be less effective and fireplace safety will dwindle.

Custom chimney cap experts in Columbia, Mo! Call Accurate Heating & Cooling today!

Why choose Accurate Heating & Cooling?


Accurate Heating & Cooling offers top-of-the-line chimney caps guaranteed to protect your home from all of these potential threats. Technicians put care and precision into each handmade cap, ensuring customers receive the protection their home deserves without jeopardizing aesthetic.

We understand your home is priceless  and the idea of installing an industrial-looking unit is scary.  Don’t worry, Accurate Heating & Cooling has the know-how to install a chimney cap properly, while maintaining your home’s curb appeal. You will not have to sacrifice aesthetic for utility, as our team offers a custom-made product suited to each customer’s individual preferences.

Why customized caps and not ordinary chimney caps?


Besides the stylish appearance, another benefit to custom-made products is each chimney cap is accurately designed and installed to function better than ordinary chimney caps.

So, let us take care of you and your family today by installing a custom-fit chimney cap to keep the warmth in and all possible threats out.

For any questions, contact Accurate Heating & Cooling today!

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