Stay Safe in the Summer Heat with an AC Breakdown

Stay Safe in the Summer Heat with an AC Breakdown

We all want to stay cool during the sweltering months of summer in Missouri, so what happens if your AC breaks down? Start by calling your local air conditioning repair service for professional help. However, emergency AC repair services can be high in demand during the summer. While you are waiting for your air conditioning service to arrive, there are several ways you can protect yourself from the summer heat and stay cool!

AC Not Cooling? Tips on Keeping your House Cool in the Summer

Cool Yourself Down

Having a heatstroke or becoming overheated can be very dangerous, especially if your AC breaks down in the summer and you don’t know what to do. It is important to know how to cool your body down so you can avoid these problems and stay safe! Place a cold towel around your neck to lower your body temperature. If your AC repair services cannot come until the following day, try sleeping in cold damp clothes or dampen your bed sheets to stay cool at night.

Reduce Heat Coming from Outside

To keep your house cool, make sure all of your blinds and curtains are closed during an AC breakdown. By reducing the sunlight coming into your house, you will keep the heat out and prolong the coolness of your home. Also, it is important to keep your outside doors and windows closed. Opening doors or windows will allow the remaining cool air inside your home to escape, letting hot air from outside in.

Do Not Add More Heat to the House

Avoid turning on the stove, oven, dryer or hot water when your AC stops working. This will only add more heat to your house until your AC can be repaired. If you need to cook something, use your microwave or outside grill to avoid adding more heat to the inside of your home.

Accurate Heating & Cooling’s Emergency Service

Accurate Heating & Cooling understands an AC breakdown during the summer can be an emergency. This is why we have created a 24/7 After-Hours Emergency Service for our mid-Missouri customers. If you experience an unexpected AC breakdown and need a emergency AC repair, call Accurate Heating & Cooling! We will come to your home at any time of the day or week and repair your air conditioning unit.

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